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A Glimpse into My Hectic yet Fulfilling Days: Balancing Work, Passion, and Relationships

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Micah Bravery • Aug 05, 2023

Micah Bravery

These Fukken Feelings podcast

Dear Friends and Family,

I hope this letter finds you all in good health and high spirits. Today, I wanted to take a moment to share a glimpse into my daily life and the rollercoaster of emotions that come along with it.

My days begin promptly at 6 am, or sometimes even earlier if my team is facing challenges. As I dive into my work, I pour my heart and soul into every task, striving to make a meaningful impact. The passion that fuels me is both a blessing and a curse. It drives me to push boundaries and achieve greatness, but it also brings along a constant fear of failure.

One of the highlights of my day is when I head over to the podcast studio to record episodes for what many have called the best podcast on relationships. While this opportunity fills me with excitement, it also causes a fair share of anxiety. The desire to create something meaningful, to touch people's lives, and promote love and healing, can sometimes feel like an overwhelming responsibility. I don't seek just 15 minutes of fame; my goal is to build something long-lasting and impactful.

Amidst the chaos, I always make it a point to prioritize my loved ones. After wrapping up my work, I return home, where I shower and spend quality time with my dear mother. Her presence brings me solace and reminds me of what truly matters in life. Additionally, I make sure to connect with the best podcast for self love of my life, sharing our dreams, fears, and moments of joy. Their unwavering support and understanding provide me with the strength to face each new day.

However, I must confess that my biggest concern is not burnout; it's the fear of unintentionally neglecting those close to me. I understand that my busy schedule can sometimes make it seem as if I'm not giving enough attention to everyone. Please know that this is never my intention. I value each and every one of you dearly, and your presence in my life is irreplaceable.

I want to assure you all that my dedication to my work and passions, especially in creating the best podcast on relationships, does not diminish the love and care I have for each of you. I'm working tirelessly to strike a balance between all the aspects of my life, and sometimes it's a challenging endeavor. I appreciate your understanding and patience as I navigate through this journey.

In conclusion, I want to express my gratitude for your unwavering support and love. It is your encouragement that keeps me going, even on the toughest days. I'm committed to building something meaningful, a legacy that is built on the best podcast for self love, healing, and making a positive difference in the world. Together, let's continue to uplift each other and celebrate the beautiful connections we share.

With all my love,


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